Project Manager - Northern Queensland

Position overview

Under the general direction of the Chief Executive Officer, the Project Manager will facilitate the application process and ongoing monitoring of the delivery of industry-led research collaborations to develop new technologies, products and services which address industry issues in Northern Australia.

The Project Manager will:

  • Provide coordination, project management and liaise with members and potential members of the CRCNA
  • Provide guidance to and assistance with the management of the CRCNA's Research Advisory Committee
  • Provide guidance to and assistance with the management of associated research contracts
  • Provide direct technical support for the Chief Executive Officer and the CRCNA Board

Role details

  • Broker relationships between industry, communities, research organisations, all northern jurisdictions and international partners to form collaborative industry-led RD&E ventures that align with the CRCNA's strategic investment plan.
  • Encourage researchers to produce high quality, peer reviewed research products that are accessible and suited to the needs of policy makers, managers, industry and the community.
  • Ensure that research providers plan and deliver realistic and useful research outputs within set timeframes and budgetary requirements.
  • Contract management and reporting.

More information 

CRCNA CEO Jed Matz (07) 4401 5035