Cherabin aquaculture production as an enabler for Indigenous business development

Traditional Owner Led business
Reference number
CRCNA funding
Total project value
Project length
3 years
Finish date
Project Status


  • North Regional TAFE
  • Emama Nguda Aboriginal Corporation


Despite having enormous potential, aquaculture activity in Australia’s North West has been slow to develop. This project will invigorate the aquaculture opportunities across the North.

The industry-led project is a collaboration between North Regional TAFE’s Broome Aquaculture Centre (BAC) and the Emama Nguda Aboriginal Corporation who together will develop an Indigenous freshwater prawn or Cherabin (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) business, whilst building an Aboriginal workforce with transferable skills.

By applying recent advances in international research, the project will introduce a novel approach to aquaculture business development that will introduce new technology in an integrated business development model appropriate for the RDAC community.

This research will focus on establishing aquaculture techniques for larval production, transport, and growout of Cherabin with a view to achieving consistent production of animals suitable for market.

Hatchery production activities will be undertaken in Broome and growout activities will follow at the Mud Springs site in Kununurra, Western Australia.

The project aims to build capacity and integrate with local businesses to capitalise on the unique value proposition of the Kimberley native Cherabin as a local bush food.

Expected outcomes

  • Development of a new aquaculture species for Western Australia.
  • Development of a nationally accredited training program.
  • Job and investment opportunities across the northern Australia.
  • Immediate and long term economic outcomes for northern Australia in skills development, social development, and capacity building which will stimulate remote community self-sufficiency.