As part of its Education Program, the CRCNA offers bursaries to support participation in relevant courses or professional development activities which align with CRCNA research programs. For example, technical staff to up-skill or update their qualifications, attend training workshops or conferences.

CRCNA bursaries are available to:

  • PhD students or researchers embedded in CRCNA-funded research projects
  • CRCNA PhD scholarship recipients 
  • Undergraduate students enrolled in areas which align with the CRCNA's research programs.


To be eligible for a CRCNA bursary, applicants must:

  • engaged in a course or activity which aligns with the CRCNA Research Programs
  • provide details of the course or activity you are seeking funding for.

Apply for a bursary

  1. Complete and submit the bursary application form. If the form has been successfully submitted you will receive confirmation via email.
  2. The CRCNA will assess your application, you will be informed within four weeks of receipt of application.
  3. The CRCNA Education Program Coordinator, will work with you to execute any relevant agreements.

Apply for a bursary