Associate Student Program

The Associate Student Program has been designed to provide opportunities and networks for students conducting research in areas aligned with CRCNA research themes but not already directly involved with the CRCNA. This research is likely to be of significant interest to CRCNA stakeholders (including government, industry, and research partners). Some students are already indirectly connected to the CRCNA through their supervisors, with their research adding to the depth or breadth of our research projects – these students may benefit from the exposure of being more formally affiliated with the CRCNA.

All PhD and Masters by Research students whose projects will inform policy or practice in the CRCNA areas of research are encouraged to apply to become a CRCNA Associate Student.

All CRCNA Associate Students will be eligible to apply for professional development and funding opportunities.

If you are granted Associate status you agree to notify the CRCNA of all journal articles, conference, oral, and poster presentations you author that are accepted within 30 days of notification of acceptance and will provide a copy of the submitted work to the CRCNA.

The CRCNA may provide Associate Students with:

  • networking opportunities with researchers and organisations in the appropriate sector
  • professional development opportunities
  • eligibility to apply for travel support to present at conferences aligned with the goals of the CRCNA, including the annual Developing Northern Australia Conference and other CRCNA events and
  • inclusion of your bio and research outline on the CRCNA website.

Either the Associate Student or the Education Program Coordinator of the CRCNA may terminate the Associate Status at any time by notifying the other via email.


Brondwen MacLean
Education Program Coordinator