Maximising northern tropical forestry on Tiwi Island launch event

The latest R & D collaboration from the CRCNA is tipped to increase the export value of the Tiwi Islands forestry industry with the development of improved tree species and management practices over the next 3 years.

Project participants will officially launch the three-year, $4.6 million project during a live webinar event.

The project delivers a comprehensive research program, aiming to:

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  • Develop a Northern Forestry Industry Growth model to meet increased demand for hardwood chip in north Asia by expanding hardwood plantations in the tropics, attracting investment to the north and bringing employment to remote communities.
  • Achieve full potential of the unique Tiwi indigenous forestry and port enterprises with a major expansion in value and volume of exports from the 30,000 ha plantations.
  • Provide underpinning science for economic development for other indigenous communities in higher rainfall areas, including East Arnhem and Cape York.