Research pillars and programs


table of research pillars and programs

Research programs objectives 

table of research program objectives

Initial investment prioritisation

CRCNA’s investment prioritisation approach was informed by the 2015 White Paper,  feedback from our industry and strategic partnerships, and our open funding calls.

The White Paper and the work leading to its development identified several impediments and barriers to investment and development in the north. The CRCNA seeks to resolve these by developing and investing in research collaborations focused on informing strategic policy development.

An initial open funding call in 2017 identified opportunities to resolve long-standing challenges facing individual industries through trialling and adopting new technologies, systems, or models; it also identified common challenges and barriers across sectors, which have required a whole of sector analysis.

As the CRCNA matures, the outcomes and recommendations from its initial projects will further support investment planning and help identify where the organisation will focus its investment dollars on maximising impact across northern Australia.


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