A.7.2122010 Achieving reef water quality requirements in new agricultural developments

The CRCNA is seeking suitable qualified individuals or organisation/s to deliver a 2-year project as part of the broader Making Water Work in the Rockhampton region program of works.

This project is specifically seeking proposals for the following scoping sub-project:

  • Achieving reef water quality requirements in new agricultural developments

Key Dates

Applications close 5pm AEST Friday 2 September 2022

Five key scoping jobs have been identified and resourced to help progress this broader Making Water Work Business Case within the Rockhampton Regional Council area within the context of the Lower Fitzroy basin. These include:

  1. Defining a supply chain and development precincts vision
  2. Visionary land use planning to facilitate development precincts
  3. Mobilising strong water governance arrangements
  4. Integrating nutrient, waste and energy streams in agricultural development through hyacinth harvest and processing
  5. Achieving reef water quality requirements in new agricultural development.

This EOI applies to the fifth of these Scoping Projects, but it is intended that all five Projects are released and delivered in an integrated way.

This EOI should be read in conjunction with the Making Water Work in the Rockhampton region Business Case (Appendix 1) , the CRCNA's EOI Guidelines and the EOI background document specific to this project.

The job

In this Scoping Project, the proponent is required to undertake the following activities:

Achieving Reef Water Quality Requirements in New Agricultural Developments


Collaborative governance

Informed by the emerging Development Precincts Vision being established in Scoping Project 1, explore the challenges facing new development opportunities in achieving the required reef water quality outcomes. Mobilise a strong, evidence-based collaborative alliance between industry, governments, researchers and regional NRMs to co-design an approach to achieve these GBR water quality requirements. Align this effort with Scoping Projects 1, 2 and 4.


System design

Co-design a Rockhampton Regional Council-wide conceptual model that determines how the area will be able to demonstrate that it can achieve the expansion of agriculture while maintaining or improving GBR water quality and terrestrial carbon outcomes. This approach should consider including the application of minimum standards (e.g. the Rookwood Weir Land Management Codes of Practice) for new practices, new approaches to on farm water, nutrient capture and treatment, sub-regional water capture and treatment, and linkages between water and energy use and local ecosystem market trading. As the region is working towards the development precinct approaches for agricultural growth, consideration should also be given to the establishment of area-based pollution baselines.


Work program and Negotiating implementation

Support the Making Water Work Governance Group to develop a costed and sequenced program of works to enable implementation of the most appropriate model for achieving shared agricultural growth and GBR outcomes.


How to apply 

All submissions are to be made via the online EOI form by the due date.


Key contacts for information relating to this EOI

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