Activating the Indigenous Estate in Northern Australia - Call for prospective investment partnerships

The CRCNA have committed $5 million cash and would like to partner with industry and/ or organisations to create an investment envelope to support a pan-northern Australian research program which advances the strategic priorities identified in the Northern Australia Indigenous Development Accord (the Accord). The program will consist of industry-led research and development to support a post-determination era focused on economically activating the Indigenous estate.

This call for interested parties to co-invest with the CRCNA and research partners in Traditional Owner-led collaborations aligns with priorities identified in the (The Accord).

Please note: this is not an EOI for project proposals. An open funding call for project proposals will be released separately in early June 2022.  It is the CRCNA’s intention to work with project proponents and identified co-investors to progress R&D collaborations which meet the aims and objectives of the CRCNA.

Key Dates

Registration closes 5pm AEST Friday 1 July 2022

The opportunity 

The CRCNA invites industry, research institutions, government departments and philanthropic proposals for collaborative investment partnerships which will deliver innovative solutions to activate the Indigenous estate and demonstrate capacity to grow and address the four priorities.

For more information about these priorities, please refer to the Activating the Indigenous estate investor overview document

  • Priority 1. Creating jobs, fostering labour participation, entrepreneurship and business acumen
  • Priority 2. Access to capital and international markets
  • Priority 3. Activate the economic value of land, water, sea and cultural resource rights
  • Priority 4. Knowledge management systems and research and development to support Indigenous commercial end-users

How to register 

The commitments made during this registration call are non-binding. The CRCNA are seeking to understand your interest in supporting project proposals which advance the strategic priorities identified above. 

Please register your interest via the online form here.

The deadline for investment proposal submissions is 5pm AEST Friday 1 July 2022.