Project resources

Please note, except where otherwise noted, content published by the CRCNA is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. This includes all research materials produced as part of a CRCNA-funded project.

These resources are to assist research providers to prepare activity materials relating to their CRCNA Activity (their CRCNA project).

Following the Style guide will ensure you are compliant with the requirements outlined in Annexure D Clause 12 Acknowledgement and Activity Events of your CRC Research Agreement.

Note: Research providers must not engage in any activity events (project promotional events) or create any research activity materials (project materials), without the CRCNA’s prior written consent. Failure to inform the CRCNA of any planned activity events or materials may constitute a breach of your CRC Research Agreement terms.

Style guide

CRCNA style guide for research providers cover

CRCNA brand style guide (PDF 1.16 MB)


As per Section 5.2 of the CRCNA Style guide, the following acknowledgement must be included in all project publications.

“The author/s acknowledge the financial support of the Cooperative Research Centre for Developing Northern Australia which is part of the Australian Government's Cooperative Research Centre Program (CRCP). The CRCNA also acknowledges the financial and in-kind support of the project participants.”


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Finalising your research collaboration

Finalising a project is an exciting time for Project Participants and the CRCNA. These documents are intended to help guide Participants as they wrap up their research collaborations with the CRCNA. 

Delivering your final research output process overview - (PDF 136KB)

End of project process overview - (PDF 137KB)

Research report template 

Publications and referencing guide (PDF 801 KB) 

There are two template versions available for project's to use to publish their research reports.

Forms and checklists

The CRCNA expects to read and review all materials related to the research activities delivered as part of a project's research activities.

It is important the CRCNA is part of the review and approval process of any materials intended to be published or disseminated to project stakeholders and media.

Note: You will need to upload a copy of the proposed publication when completing the following forms.

General media release form 

We encourage our project participants to take photos and videos to capture events or milestones during their research - but you must have consent from the people captured in these images.

This form should be used by project participants (or their representatives) and shared with the CRCNA, along with any of the images.

General media release form (Word)

General media release form (PDF)

Draft research/ project output checklist

Research draft checklist

Peer review guidelines and form 

Peer review guidelines (PDF 439KB)

Download Word (docx) version

Peer review feedback form

Request to publish form

Request to publish form


Project variation request form

Report templates and guides

This template provides an overview of the key elements of a project report.  It includes examples of strategic recommendations, as described in the CRCNA Style guide.

Further information

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