CRCNA Membership

Financial members must pay the requisite annual membership fee ($100 + GST as of January 2021) at the time of their membership application.  Payment can be made via Credit Card online or Direct Debit. Should a Member’s application not be approved, the Membership fee paid upon application will be refunded in full.

Financial members can nominate or be nominated for a position on the CRCNA Board and is entitled to one vote at a CRCNA General Meeting (or any other meeting of the CRCNA’s members) .

If the financial member is not a natural person, then one (1) Member Representative must be appointed at the time of application.  A Member Representative will act on behalf of the financial member at any CRCNA General Meeting (or any other meeting of the CRCNA’s members).

All CRCNA Membership notices are sent to the Member's Representative, so it's essential the details are correct and kept up to date, with any changes sent to

Financial members must apply via the CRCNA’s online form and are subject to CRCNA Board approval.

Membership will be confirmed by written notice.

online application form

Apply to become a financial Member