Research programs

Our six research pillars (P) are underpinned by seven research programs (RP) in the areas of agriculture and food (including aquaculture and horticulture), northern health service delivery and Traditional Owner-led business development in these areas.


Sector & Supply Chain Development

RP1 - Sector and supply chain development


RP2 - New and developing industries in NA / RP3 - Industry specific production and supply chain innovation in NA

Capacity building

RP4 - Building industry and community capacity with NA with indigenous enterprise

Northern health service delivery

RP5 - Build northern health service delivery and models of care

Education and training

RP6 - Build education, training and research capacity with NA

Developing strategic policy solutions

RP7 - Informing policy development


Research areas

Our research programs are focused across three areas

Agriculture, food, and aquaculture

Research which seeks to: De-risk investment in new, emerging, and established industries by identifying barriers and providing solutions. Support the development and growth of established industries by identifying value-add opportunities, new markets, improving supply chains, enhancing productivity, developing workforce skills, capacity, and capabilities, and improving decision-making processes and policy frameworks to enable solutions to be implemented. Advance new industries through developing and testing new production and agronomy systems, crop varieties, animal species, and animal breeding techniques, and building research and workforce capabilities to support and maintain this work.

Northern Australia health service delivery

Research which seeks to: Improve health-seeking behaviours of northern Australians by improving access to information, health care professionals, diagnostic tools, and treatment options. Improve the early detection of diseases through the development of new technologies which assist with the flow of information, support timely decision-making and treatment options, improve access and connectivity to existing technologies, enhance workforce skills and capability to use new or existing technologies. Improve access to mental health treatment and diagnostic tools and technologies and enhance workforce skills and capabilities in delivering treatment and diagnosis.

Traditional Owner-led business development

Research which seeks to: De-risk investment in Traditional Owner-led enterprise which is supported by communities by identifying challenges and providing solutions. Enhance the skills and capabilities of Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander peoples and provide a pathway to building an industry-ready skilled workforce in the fields of agriculture, food, and health service delivery.