The CRCNA welcomes all parties with an interest in developing northern Australia to become a member.

Membership is a nominal fee of $110 (GST inclusive) per annum.

CRCNA Members include but are not limited to:

  • Individuals
  • Small to medium-sized enterprises
  • Corporate entities
  • Industry bodies
  • Community groups
  • Research organisations
  • Universities
  • All northern jurisdictions
  • Development authorities
  • International partners

The CRCNA membership structure ensures any entity, be it an individual, company, research organisation or Government is equal. A member of the CRCNA will:

  • Receive all information regarding the CRCNA and our funding calls
  • Be eligible to receive funding from the CRCNA for approved projects
  • Have their capabilities registered with the CRCNA for consideration when projects are under development
  • Be able to nominate for the CRCNA Board
  • Be invited to attend the CRCNA AGM and other events that may be held
  • Be able to vote at the CRCNA AGM

Nominate for membership