Our people

CEO Jed Matz

Jed Matz, CEO

Jed is the CRCNA’s inaugural CEO.  He has more than 20 years of experience providing policy, strategy and operational leadership in Australian agriculture.

Jed works closely with CRCNA staff to coordinate and broker projects across northern Australia, with a particular focus on developing strategic policy solutions.

Before joining the CRCNA, Jed was the CEO of the Cattle Council of Australia.

Contact Jed: enquiry@crcna.com.au


Allan Dale

Professor Allan Dale, Chief Scientist

As Chief Scientist, Allan’s extensive knowledge and experience across northern Australia informs and supports the strategic direction of science within the CRCNA’s investment portfolio.

Allan supports the CRCNA staff and CEO by overseeing and coordinating a range of projects with significant policy implications for the development of northern Australia. These include projects associated with industry/sector situational analyses, derisking landscapes for investment, identifying priority investors in northern Australian agriculture, and work concerning the cost of freight, communications and energy in the northern development context.

Allan is a Professor of Tropical Regional Development at the Cairns Institute, James Cook University.

Contact Allan: enquiry@crcna.com.au 

Kristin Nunn

Kristin Nunn, Northern Territory Project Manager

As the Northern Territory Project Manager, Kristin works from the CRCNA’s office in Darwin.

Kristin is responsible for identifying and brokering Northern Territory-focused research collaborations and RD&E ventures which align with the CRCNA’s strategic investment plan.

As a project manager, Kristin’s extensive research management experience helps her support research  providers with planning and reporting, ensuring research impact is meaningful and outputs delivered within set timeframes and budgetary requirements.

Kristin previously worked as the CRCNA's Queensland Project Manager overseeing projects related to regional supply chain studies, various Queensland broadacre cropping trials and Indigenous horticulture projects.

Contact Kristin: ntmanager@crcna.com.au

headshot of Lindy Swain

Dr Lindy Swain, Western Australian Project Manager

Based in Broome, Lindy is responsible for identifying and brokering northern Western Australian-focused research collaborations and RD&E ventures which align with the CRCNA’s strategic investment plan

Lindy has extensive knowledge and experience working in rural and remote health, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health, project  management, research and government advocacy. Before joining the CRCNA, Lindy was the inaugural Director and an Associate Professor at the Kimberley Rural Health Alliance (KRHA) Majarlin Kimberley Centre for Remote Health at the University of Notre Dame and worked to establish innovative student health placements across the Kimberley.

Lindy is a member of the advisory councils of the National Rural Health Alliance, the Northern Australia Research Alliance, and the Kimberley Aboriginal Health Research Alliance.

Some of the projects Lindy currently manages for the CRCNA include the Northern Australian Tropical Rock Oyster project,the Kakadu/Gubinge supply chain project and the Cherabin (freshwater prawn)aquaculture project in Broome.

Contact Lindy: wamanager@crcna.com.au

Ian Biggs

Dr Ian Biggs, Queensland Project Manager

Working out of CRCNA’s office in Townsville, Ian is responsible for identifying and brokering Queensland-focused research collaborations and RD&E ventures, which align with the CRCNA’s strategic investment plan.

After acquiring a PhD in crop physiology, Ian has gained extensive experience in developing and managing projects in all aspects of Research, Development, Extension and Adoption in agricultural science and industry development, gained while working in government research organisations, university, and agricultural consultancy.

As Queensland Project Manager, Ian will use his experience of research process and project management to work with stakeholders in all CRCNA’s focus areas to develop and support projects targeting northern Australia’s economy and community.

Contact Ian: qldmanager@crcna.com.au