Aquaculture and Seafood industries

The north produces 20% of Australia's aquaculture products.

credit: CRCNA Aquaculture Situational Analysis 2020

By 2030 the northern aquaculture industry is set to increase to $1.34 billion value and 1400 jobs.

credit: CRCNA Aquaculture Situational Analysis 2020

Aquaculture production is one of the fastest growing primary industries in the world.

credit: Fisheries Research and Development Corporation 2019

Aquaculture has become Australia’s most valuable seafood industry, overtaking wild caught fish for the first time in 2021-2022.

credit: ABARES 2023

It takes 2 years for an oyster to grow to market size.

credit: Darwin Aquaculture Centre 2023

Prawn biosecurity research can support an increase in annual production of $16 million

credit: CRCNA Biosecurity in Northern Australian prawn aquaculture (A.3.1718113)