Northern Australia data

Land and Water

53% of Australia's landmass

credit: Australian Government, Our North, Our Future: 2021-2026 Targeted Growth.

10,000km of coastline

credit: Australian Government Northern Australia Biosecurity Framework. 2017.

78% of land in the north is recognised under land rights or native title legislation

credit: Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet and Attorney-General’s Department. 2018.

Home to 7 world heritage sites that attract large numbers of visitors annually

credit: UNESCO World Heritage sites.

At 344,400 km2 the Great Barrier Reef is bigger than Victoria & Tasmania combined.

credit: Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, 2023.

Between Broome and Cooktown there’s more than 60 major rivers and hundreds of smaller streams, combined they extend over 1 million km.

credit: The Nature of Northern Australia report, 2007.

These major rivers and streams are the highest density of continuous intact tropical river ecosystems globally, carrying two-thirds of Australia's fresh water.

credit: The Nature of Northern Australia report, 2007.

The Kimberley region of WA is over 423,000km – almost twice the size of Victoria and three times the size of the UK.

credit: Development WA 2019.