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Health eMinds ECHO

Based on the Project ECHO model, the Health eMinds ECHO is a series of free, interactive case-based virtual mentoring sessions which address a range of topics related to the delivery of mental healthcare- in a range of healthcare settings across Northern Australia.

Health eMinds ECHO sessions are open to anyone working in the delivery of mental health services in Northern Australia, including clinicians, front line and community support workers and allied healthcare workers.

The CRCNA understands building a collaborative and interactive network of mental health care professionals and healthcare workers is an important part of improving service delivery and access to new models of care, especially for those in rural and remote and First Nations contexts.

The Healthy eMinds ECHO is also about supporting mental healthcare workers, connecting peers and creating a community of best practice to inform high-quality care in the north.

For more information

Contact the Telehealth Skills ECHO team via email   

Benefits of Health eMinds ECHO

  • access to supervision and mentoring, by peers and specialists
  • co-management of cases
  • improved coordination of care
  • reduced professional isolation
  • opportunity to inform emerging policies in this space


Topics and dates

Held on the first Thursday of each month for all health workers in Northern Australia.

Monthly sessions will deliver practical training to support the development of skills to support the delivery of mental health services and consist of:

  • a 10-minute presentation by the mental health subject matter experts
  • Q & A on presentation (open for all participants)
  • a deidentified patient case presentation put forward by one of the participants.
  • Q & A on patient case open for all participants to share ideas and experiences


Curriculum dates:

To access participant resources for past sessions visit: Health eMinds participant resources

6 June 2024

Topic: The importance of art and mental health - an integrative approach for First Nations care Presenter: Sarah Falkenberg-Hassan and Natalie Drouault Mission Australia

2 May 2024

Topic: Early psychosis in the outback (NT) Presenter: A/Prof Tamoor Mirza - Clinical Director, Headspace Darwin

4 April 2024

Topic: Mental health during pregnancy Presenter: Dr Sarah Davies-Roe, Torres & Cape HHS - Advanced Perinatal and Infant Mental Health Clinician

7 March 2024

Topic: Let's talk suicide - scope of the problem Presenter: Adriel Burley, NQPHN, Senior Regional Suicide Prevention Coordinator

1 February 2024

Topic: Social and emotional wellbeing for First Nations people Presenter: Edward Mosby, Psychologist Wakai Waian Healing