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Telehealth Skills ECHO

Telehealth skills ECHO

Project Echo

Telehealth Skills ECHO

Based on the Project ECHO model, the Telehealth Skills ECHO is a series of free, interactive case-based virtual mentoring sessions which address a range of topics related to the delivery of telehealth - in a range of healthcare settings.

Telehealth Skills ECHO sessions are open to anyone working in healthcare in Northern Australia who are using or are considering implementing telehealth services.

Join the Telehealth Skills ECHO

Join one or join them all, it's free. You just need an internet connection and laptop or mobile device.

Please register separately for each session you wish to attend, once registered you will receive an email confirmation with the connection details for the chosen session.

For more information

Contact the Telehealth Skills ECHO team via email

Telehealth Skills ECHO benefits

  • It’s free

  • A virtual network to share telehealth knowledge and experiences

  • Increase knowledge, capacity and delivery of quality telehealth sessions

  • Decrease professional isolation by joining a peer network

  • Improve health outcomes for patients and families

telehealth skills

Topics and dates

Held on the second Thursday of each month for all health workers in Northern Australia.

Monthly sessions will deliver practical training to support the development of skills to support the delivery of clinical telehealth services and consist of:

  • a 10-minute presentation by the Telehealth Skills ECHO subject matter experts
  • Q & A on presentation (open for all participants)
  • a deidentified patient case presentation put forward by one of the Primary Care participants.
  • Q & A on patient case open for all participants to share ideas and experiences


Curriculum dates:

13 June 2024

Topic: Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Presenter: Dr Emma Thomas

11 July 2024

Topic: Telehealth Emergency Care Presenter: Dr Katrina Starmer

8 August 2024

Topic: Clinician/ Consumer Perspectives - what does the evidence say...? Presenter: Dr Helen Haydon

12 September 2024

Topic: Making telehealth routine - business process, staff preparedness and skill development Presenter: Prof Anthony Smith

10 October 2024

Topic: Palliative care and telehealth Presenter: TBC

14 November 2024

Topic: Intro to Healthdirect Presenter: TBC

Completed 2024 sessions

To access participant resources for past sessions visit: Telehealth Skills participant resources

14 March 2024

Topic: Why Telehealth Presentor: Prof Anthony Smith

11 April 2024

Topic: Models of Telehealth - beyond video conference Presenter: Models of Telehealth - beyond video conference

9 May 2024

Topic: Bringing telehealth to community - benefits for First Nations peoples Presenter: Prof Anthony Smith