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Suitable sugarcane to diversify income and add value

Suitable sugarcane to diversify income and add value
  • Reference # A.3.2021002
  • Timeframe 3 years
  • Project Status Current
  • Location
  • Total project value $1,185,986.00
  • Project manager N/A
  • Research Programs 3. Production and supply chain innovation in Northern Australia
  • Broadacre cropping
  • Agriculture
  • Sugarcane


This project seeks to identify and develop new opportunities for diversification for sugarcane growers and millers in tropical Far North Queensland by examining options to:

  • increase the total biomass production per unit land area by screening diverse genotypes and other crops;
  • retain close to current sucrose production but increase the total carbon production (more fibre and molasses or cane juice); and
  • add-value to the fibre, molasses and tops of the sugarcane plant.

In addition to testing new ‘energycane’ varieties, researchers will also trial the use of sorghum as a perennial feedstock option for mills and growers. Gathered data will assist researchers to identify the ‘best bet’ diversification options and sustainable business models to inform future industry investment and planning.

Expected outcomes

  • Develop a comprehensive chemical profile of the sugarcane plant (stem and leaves) for both current commercial varieties and atypical germplasm that are well suited for biomass production, and diversification opportunities.
  • A comprehensive analysis of the chemical composition of sorghum to determine how it can complement the sugarcane biomass supply.
  • A diversification model for all sugarcane production areas that wish to diversify their income streams from sugarcane.

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