Cultural market system development

Strategic policy development
Traditional Owner Led business
Reference number
CRCNA funding
Total project value
Project length
2.5 years
Finish date
Project Status
Project Manager
Sarah Docherty


  • Indigenous Connection Pty Ltd
  • Tracks Indigenous Service Pty Ltd
  • National Australia Bank


This project is seeking to test a new way of thinking about market systems design across Northern Australia, to better align the needs of suppliers and consumers and deliver improved cultural, economic and social outcomes with First Nations peoples and communities.

By applying 'gig economy' thinking based on existing cultural knowledge, project lead Indigenous Connection believe thousands of First Nations people could overcome barriers to economic participation through employment and business opportunities which embrace cultural knowledge, skills and abilities and connect cultural knowledge supply with cultural knowledge demand.

Expected outcomes

Short-term outcomes from this project will include new baseline data to inform and understand the barriers to economic engagement and what willingness to supply cultural knowledge services to a market of paying clients (cultural knowledge seekers) exists.  

Longer-term, the project hopes this data will prove that opportunity exists to increase environmental, cultural, human, community and economic well-being outcomes, through improved market systems design. This will result in up to 1,000 of the most marginalised Indigenous people accessing the economy based on their existing knowledge for country, culture and community.