Enhancing extension capacity to sustain growth of North Queensland cropping systems

Broadacre Cropping
Strategic policy development
Reference number
CRCNA funding
Total project value
Project length
3.5 years
Finish date
Project Status
Project Manager
Ian Biggs
Cotton Research and Development Corporation and Grains Research and Development Corporation


  • Cotton Seed Distributors Ltd


Crop production in north Queensland provides farmers and pastoralists with greater diversity. To ensure sustainable growth CSD and industry will need immediate and increased on the ground extension capacity to respond in a timely manner for both cotton agronomy and overall support for sustainable farming systems (including cotton’s integration with grains and cattle systems). Current growth is occurring at a rapid rate and this project will enable CSD to respond appropriately and be better positioned to further its investment in north Queensland along with future projected growth.

Expected outcomes

This initiative running over 3.5yrs will support one extension person employed by CSD to service cotton/broadacre crop establishment and expansion in Mareeba in Far North Queensland. By supporting this extension person the project aims to:

  1. Establish local and regional extension capacity through one new CSD employee facilitating the adoption of best management practices that are more suited to northern cropping environments. 
  2. Practices adopted by northern Australian growers that allow for successful crop establishment. 
  3. Deliver improved grower knowledge of cotton production underpinned by rigorous and respected science enabling diverse, resilient, and environmentally sustainable northern farming businesses.  
  4. Contribute to improved community acceptability of a cropping industry in the Northern Australia.
  5. Support the development of capacity to service the growth of cropping enterprises in north Queensland through creation of a network of committed and connected professionals (locally and nationally).