Prioritising, de-risking and brokering agricultural development in the Northern Territory

Strategic policy development
Reference number
A.7.1920001 NT
CRCNA funding
Total project value
Project length
6 months
Finish date
Project Status
Project Manager
Carla Keith


  • NAJA Business Consulting Services


In partnership with the NT’s Investment Territory and partner agencies, the Commonwealth, industry and other stakeholders this project will explore the issues at hand and propose innovative solutions to support the development of new agricultural activity across northern Australia. 

In the context of this project, “agricultural development” is a general term related to a variety of agricultural or aquaculture expansion practices which create entirely new production systems, and/or increase the value of current production systems across tenures. Examples include the development of new irrigated and dryland cropping systems, horticulture, and the intensification of livestock production, including directly associated processing or supply chain services. 

Expected outcomes

The development of NT-specific policy, regulatory and other solutions to facilitate agricultural development which balances economic, environmental and social outcomes.