Seed handling, crushing and refining Infrastructure Feasibility Project

Broadacre Cropping
Supply chain development
Reference number
CRCNA funding
Total project value
Project length
9 months
Finish date
Project Status
Project Manager
Ian Biggs


  • GO Resources Pty Ltd
  • Savannah Ag Research Pty Ltd
  • Profeeds NQ Pty Ltd
  • Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF)
  • Department of State Development Infrastructure Local Government and Planning
  • Port of Townsville Limited


The project will examine the feasibility of locating a crushing/refining facility for oilseed crops, like safflower, within northern Queensland.

The research will be targeted to identify all industries linked with a proposed crushing/refining facility and the interactions between industries by understanding the benefits and calculating regional and rural economic benefits. The research will gather input from suitable representatives of identified industries and determine the most suitable infrastructure model, whether it be static or mobile or a combination thereof.

Expected outcomes

A feasibility report which identifies industries, regions (and crops) which would most benefit from a crushing/ refining facility, recommendations on the most suitable infrastructure and supply chain models and a pathway to further development of this facility.