Sugarcane Industry Situational Analysis: Industry consultation and roadmap development

Reference number
CRCNA funding
Total project value
Project length
9 months
Finish date
Project Status
Project Manager
Ian Biggs


  • Sugar Research Australia Limited
  • Australian Sugar Milling Council Pty Limited
  • Queensland Cane Growers Organisation Ltd
  • Australian Cane Farmers Association Limited
  • AgForce Queensland Farmers Ltd


The Australian sugarcane industry has recognised that it is at a historical point in terms of the economic, social, and environmental outlook for both the short- and long-term future. Industry leaders have identified significant opportunities to drive sustainability and growth of the industry and now the industry intends to explore the development and implementation of its first industry-wide, consensus vision and roadmap to serve its overall best interests through to 2040.

Through undertaking broad industry engagement and consultation, this project will examine the industry's current challenges and future opportunities for development. The objective is to deliver a roadmap for the sugarcane industry which clarifies  how the industry wants to develop and how it intends to get there over the next two decades. 

Work will be conducted in four distinct phases, with frequent consultation with industry leaders and multiple rounds of broad consultation with the wider sugarcane industry. These are:

  1. Pre-Draft Roadmap Preparation – Project setup and kick-off, meta-analysis of previously commissioned work, consultation with leaders, production of situation analysis, preparation for the first round of broad industry consultation.
  2. Broad Industry Consultation 1 - Broad industry consultation through up to six virtual workshops  to share work to date, and source regional needs, perspectives and opportunities regarding industry vision and priorities. The situation analysis and outputs from the regions will shape the first draft of the roadmap.
  3. Draft Roadmap + Broad Industry Consultation 2 – Development of draft roadmap, consultation with industry leaders and integration of feedback, broad industry consultation (round 2) to ‘ground truth’ draft roadmap via 2 x virtual ‘town hall’ sessions. Feedback will be captured and provided back to industry and integrated into the draft roadmap.
  4. Integration and Delivery of Roadmap - Working closely with industry leaders to finalise documentation and roadmap launch.

Expected outcomes

The project will support the industry to develop a unified voice to its stakeholders, and to leverage its unique assets and attributes across diverse regions within a shared strategic framework.