Capturing the ASEAN Agricultural Opportunity for Northern Australia

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  • Horticulture
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This report provides a detailed analysis of the key export opportunities for Northern Australia agri-food businesses in ASEAN markets. The research considered 15 agri-food products with the highest future export potential. These are wheat, live cattle, beef, milk and cream powder, malt, macadamias, avocados and soybeans.

These products were identified based on a review of Australia’s largest agri-food exports to ASEAN between 2012 and 2017, projected largest export opportunities for Australia over the following five years by the International Trade Centre and complementary research including the North Queensland Agricultural Market and Supply Chain Study (NQAMSCS).


Capturing the ASEAN Agricultural opportunity for northern Australia

Capturing the ASEAN Agricultural opportunity for northern Australia

Northern Australia and the ASEAN region are natural partners for cooperation on agriculture and food production and the range of value-adding activities across the agri-food sector and the supply chain that supports it. Agri-food trade has accelerated since commencement of the ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement (AANZFTA) in 2010, setting consistent trade and investment rules across our region and improving market access. The ASEAN region collectively has a population of over 630 million people, with an increasing appetite for the clean and green food for which Australia is recognised. During the period 2014-16, Australia’s agricultural exports to ASEAN countries exceeded an annual average of $8 billion, accounting for 21 per cent of Australia’s total agricultural export, with many of these products produced in northern Australia. In turn, many ASEAN businesses have invested in the Australian agri-food sector, integrating products and knowhow into their value chains. This project will build on existing CRCNA research to help identify and address infrastructure requirements, regulatory bottlenecks, ownership restrictions and skills gaps currently impeding significant growth of  five high value products (beef, avocados, macadamias, on-shore aquaculture and soybeans) into new or emerging ASEAN markets.  Austcham ASEAN’S research proposes to  address these issues by: Identifying additional markets and commodities in ASEAN which could provide opportunities for northern Australia . Developing a detailed understanding of barriers and required actions to capturing the identified opportunities (leveraging AustCham ASEAN’s network throughout ASEAN)

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