De-risking phase II - NT Sustainable precincts : Multi- criteria analysis to identify a case study area

Based on the findings of the CRCNA's initial De-risking, brokering and prioritising agriculture development in the Northern Territory project, the CRCNA partnered with the Northern Territory Government's Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade (DITT) to deliver a second phase of this work seeking to improve planning and assessment practice for sustainable development precincts across the Northern Territory (NT).

The NT has long been known for its mosaic agriculture model of development, and as such, DITT has worked closely with the Department of Environment, Parks and Water Security (DEPWS) to identify and prepare to progress precinct opportunities within the NT. 

Eleven precinct areas were identified based on technical studies, including soil and water, access to logistics routes and other supporting criteria. This report outlines the multicriteria analysis-based (MCA) approach.

Each precinct area was evaluated based on the objectives set out in the Best Practice Sustainable Precinct Planning and Development Framework. Flowing  from this MCA-based approach, one precinct has been identified as the focal area to progress a case study that can support improved practice in planning new priority agricultural
development areas and improved development assessment within those spaces.

DITT aims to apply its emerging Planning and Development Framework in progressing priority activities within this focus precinct.

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