Discussion paper : Re-thinking supply chain performance for Northern Australia development

The COVID pandemic has reinforced the need for a greater internal resilience of Australia’s supply chains. COVID recovery, recent flooding in Central and South Eastern Australia, geo-politics and market opportunity also demand a greater focus on Northern Australia more closely integrating its supply chains across the northern landscape and towards its near northern neighbours.

Several recent studies and Infrastructure Australia’s leadership role in the audit of Northern Australian infrastructure all point to the need for a more visionary supply chain approach, but stress that this is limited by cross sectoral, evidence based supply chain modelling. Such modelling will need to inform a visionary approach and align consequent policy and investment.

This paper is intended to inform the emergence of a wider stakeholder-based partnership for the development of long term supply chain modelling that can inform policy and investment directions and enable effective economic modelling of new approaches and  is intended to inform enhanced bilateral infrastructure discussions between the Commonwealth and the jurisdictions, with real world industry data and insight.

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Babacan H., Dale, A.

Strategic policy development
Supply chain development
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Discussion paper