Export 2030 - delivering fresh food fast : The opportunity to double high value food exports from Far North Queensland

The intent of this report was to identify opportunities to expand production growth and to broaden current export channels and markets for high value food products for FNQ. This included examining opportunities for value-added processing before export, which will reduce the effects of cyclical supply/demand impacts on grower returns, leading to more sustainable economic outcomes and stronger incentives for increased investment.

In conducting the research, the project focused on identifying, investigating, advancing and accelerating evidence-based opportunities for current and future export markets out of Northern Australia, particularly in relation to product leaving through FNQ via Cairns International Airport.

The focus was on high value perishable agricultural products that are viable for air freight export to priority international markets. This focused on four agricultural product categories that were analysed through the study. Additional high value products were considered and analysed at a high level, with the recognition that export opportunities are not and should not be limited to a finite list of products.

The primary export method addressed through the study was air freight from Cairns International Airport due to the time sensitive perishable nature of the high value products selected for analysis. Sea freight was also examined but was not the core focus of the study, including for example the chilled and frozen beef supply chain that is more conducive to sea freight given its prolonged shelf life and acknowledging the sugar industry sea freight exports from the FNQ region which contribute significantly to the region’s local economy and overall agricultural product export values.

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KPMG, Advance Cairns, CRCNA

Strategic policy development
Supply chain development
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