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North Queensland market and agricultural supply chain study

  • Beef
  • Horticulture
  • Supply chain development


This report offers a comprehensive assessment of five high-value agricultural commodities: soybeans, avocados, macadamia nuts, beef and on-shore aquaculture, as identified by market research of consumer trends across ten key markets. The report examines the current production, supply and demand trends for each commodity, considers market competitors and barriers and outlines value-add opportunities. Various scenario, financial and cost-benefit analysis tools are used to inform key recommendations and pathways to implementation. This report is intended to inform north Queensland producers by identifying how they may be able to diversify current agribusiness operations or explore new, emerging opportunities for investment.


North Queensland agricultural market and supply chain study

North Queensland agricultural market and supply chain study

There is an identified need for collective industry action on transforming North Queensland’s agriculture, production, infrastructure and export sectors to meet existing and future international market demands. Establishment of a long-term regional investment strategy and a multi-industry agreement is critical to ensuring that North Queensland’s agricultural and supply chain can access the significant growth opportunities that the region possesses. The project will investigate how North Queensland is currently positioned within its capacity to supply and export internationally to ensure producers within the region are well informed to maximise production opportunities and meet future international agricultural demand. The research will include initial market assessments, market-based production and supply chain opportunity assessments. It will identify areas of improvement to market access, clarify where policy and regulatory barriers exist and will seek alignment with DFAT, AUSTRADE and TIQ agendas.

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