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Northern Australia Communications Analysis

  • Strategic policy development


This Directions Paper identifies impediments and solutions to enterprise and social development through digital participation in Northern Australia.

While the paper’s focus is pan-Northern (east to west) digital inclusion, it offers insights into agriculture, health and First Nations sectors (in alignment with the CRCNA’s focus areas).

This work was undertaken by a consortium of university and industry partners including the QUT Digital Media Research Centre (DMRC) (lead institution), The Cairns Institute at James Cook University, the Northern Institute at Charles Darwin University, Regional Development Australia Northern Territory, and the Centre for Appropriate Technology.

Premise was engaged by the CRCNA to work in partnership with this consortium to investigate and produce three case studies and a technical note for the agricultural sector. These resources are referenced in Appendix A & B of the Directions Paper.


Northern Australian Communication Analysis

Northern Australian Communication Analysis

The purpose of this project is to mobilise an emerging consortium of research, business and industry partners to investigate the impacts and relevance of digital inclusion for developing northern Australia, including identifying impediments and solutions to enterprise and social development Digital inclusion – access, affordability and digital ability – is essential to economic prosperity, social inclusion and community cohesiveness. Furthermore, digital exclusion exacerbates social and economic disadvantages, such as low-income status, low levels of education, and remoteness. The Australian Digital Inclusion Index (ADII) reveals some northern Australians (particularly in NW QLD, NT and rural WA) are missing out on the benefits of digital inclusion. Given that Deloitte’s Connected Continent II report estimates Australia’s digital economy will be worth $139 billion by 2020 (7.3% of GDP), digital inclusion is an essential component of the task of developing northern Australia. The project will culminate in a directions paper outlining a detailed road map for digital inclusion research, practice, and policy development for northern Australia. It will include case studies that provide a snapshot of the connectivity challenges and impacts in northern Australia, and a technical note will be produced detailing the identified solutions, potential ag tech opportunities and associated recommendations of this project. It will be presented in a format designed to assist producers in northern Australia how to assess their connectivity needs, for themselves, and identify potential solutions Visit the project website.

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