Northern Australia health service delivery situational analysis

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The aim of the Situational Analysis is to identify strategic long-term development and growth opportunities for the health sector in northern Australia, towards a goal of improving the health and prosperity of northern Australian communities.

The Situational Analysis is comprised of a series of outputs, namely: a literature review, export and demand analysis, SWOT analysis, research investment analysis, costing study and socialisation activities.

The project identified eight priority actions based on the findings of the desktop-based analysis and stakeholder consultations across the Queensland, Western Australia and Northern Territory health jurisdictions:

  1. Support and enhance formal education and training of a fit-for-purpose culturally competent health workforce across all health disciplines and elements of rural health training pipelines;
  2. Enhance professional support, career development and career pathways for rural health and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workforce across all health disciplines;
  3. Establish a cross-jurisdictional northern Australian health system network as an independent body;
  4. Determine need and mechanisms to finance appropriate health service delivery models for rural and remote health service delivery;
  5. Improve local amenities and infrastructure across sectors to reduce effects of adverse social determinants on health outcomes;
  6. Undertake trials to develop and scale up place-based planning models;
  7. Strengthen and grow northern-led research capacity and funding; and
  8. Explore potential areas of export opportunity that deliver value for northern Australia.


Northern Australia health service delivery situational analysis

Northern Australia health service delivery situational analysis

This project will identify key challenges and opportunities facing the northern Australian health service delivery sector and explore potential developmental scenarios and/or identify the most strategic research projects and development priorities for further investment. This will include but not be limited to infrastructure, clinical issues, policy, new models of care, investment, knowledge, training and human capital gaps and the research or alternative solutions to address them. A consortium of health service delivery providers across northern Australia will bring substantial applied research experience in northern Australia including in health services, indigenous health and tropical health. Their membership in the consortium will strengthen the quality and relevance of the synthesis and analysis, ensuring ownership of the analysis outputs by the health sector and providing a strong foundation for the growth and development of the northern Australia health service delivery sector.

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