Northern Australian broadacre cropping situational analysis

This situational analysis is an assessment of the opportunities and impediments facing the development of a broadacre cropping sector across Northern Australia.

For the purposes of this report, cropping includes broadacre production of fodder, pasture, cereals, pulses, oilseeds, and cotton; but not rice or sugar. Production can be irrigated or dryland (rainfed) and does not include self-seeding, wild or native pasture.

The primary finding of this situational analysis is that broadacre cropping in the north of Australia can be an important part of a farming business but most value is realised when broadacre cropping is integrated with other enterprises, particularly beef production.

The capacity to grow a range of crops in the north is clear but due to the barriers, costs and risks of broadacre cropping in the tropics, farmers in the north need to leverage crop production as part of a broader business value proposition to promote sustainability and business profitability.

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