Water Security for Northern Australia - co-design report

The CRCNA partnered with the Northern Australian Universities Alliance to fund research into key issues for sustainable utilisation of water resources in Northern Australia. 

This program has identified four key focal nodes where pressure for increased water utilisation is high – Gilbert (QLD), Daly-Katherine (NT), Ord (WA), and lower Fitzroy (QLD) – to be the focal nodes for this research program.  To determine the most appropriate research questions for each focal node, we undertook a co-design phase with relevant regional stakeholders in each focal node.  This co-design phase and its outcomes are described here.  The result includes the generation of 15 research projects that are now proposed for funding under the Water Security for Northern Australia program.

A second implementation phase of this program is now underway, as the Water Security for Northern Australia - Implementation Phase 

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Waltham, N., Irvine, D., Rolfe, J., Williams, Y., Burrows, D

Strategic policy development
Water security
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