Webinar - North Queensland cotton, grains and cattle farming systems

Dr Joe Eyre from the Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation’s Centre for Crop Science presents this QAAFI Science Seminar .

The lack of a common vision and integrated approach for agricultural development across Northern Australians’ agro-ecological niches has weakened the effectiveness of limited public and private investment to develop cost-effective and feasible solutions.

Integrated crop-livestock systems (CLS) provide an opportunity to manage risks (markets, climate, policy, biosecurity), increase resource use efficiency and land-use, and provide flexibility for tactical decision making.

The North Queensland cotton, grains and cattle farming system  project will build on momentum initiated by the Etheridge Shire Council, the Far North Queensland Sustainable Cropping Group (FNQSCG) and on-going CRCNA programs to:

1. Co-design scalable diversification options and drought resilience practices for northern Queensland cotton, grain and cattle enterprises, and quantify the economic, social and environmental values and risks of these options

2. Attract public and private co-investment to sustain participatory action research and development (R&D) for addressing complex crop-livestock systems problems in NA

3. Facilitate extension and adoption of successful practices across the region in partnership with the Cotton Seed Distributors-led Enhancing extension capacity to sustain growth of North Queensland Cropping Systems (A.2.2122031 )” project.

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