The Chief Executive Officer for the CRC for Developing Northern Australia (CRCNA), Mr Jed Matz, has announced his decision to leave the organisation.

Mr Matz’s last day was Friday 12 March 2021.

Mr Matz was the CRCNA’s inaugural CEO, establishing robust processes and systems within the organisation from July 2017 to today, where the CRCNA partners in 41 projects, has 190 participants, $26m in co-investment and $40m in overall project value.

Mr Matz said he was keen to pursue other career challenges now the CRCNA was successfully established.

“What attracted me to the role four years ago was the opportunity to build the CRC from a concept to something that is now punching above its weight in boosting economic growth in Northern Australia. That’s been achieved in four short years,” Mr Matz said.

“It has been an honour to grow and lead the team that has played such a big part in assisting economic growth in Northern Australia. I look forward to watching the CRCNA grow from the strong base that has been created.

“Of course, it’s been a team effort and I would also like to thank the team at CRCNA – past and present – for their hard work and passion for developing Northern Australia”.

In under four years, Jed has led the negotiation of research projects to the value of $40 million. He is responsible for building a successful research and development company.

Ms Morris said as CEO Jed has successfully led CRCNA in achieving the following critical achievements:

  • Established robust processes and systems within the organisation
  • Established a highly-skilled cohesive team of professionals
  • Successfully negotiated 41 research projects across Northern Australia worth $40 million and including 190 project partners
  • Attracted co-investment from industry of $26m with only $14m invested by the CRCNA
  • Provided stewardship in positioning the CRCNA as a trusted source of independent research to inform both industry and Government
  • Provided stewardship in the development of the “State of the North 2020 report” which is a first-­of-its-kind roadmap for the economic development of Northern Australia.

Jed also navigated the organisation through floods and COVID with care and professionalism. I thank Jed for his dedication and hard work and wish him every success in the future,” Ms Morris said.