The Cooperative Research Centre for Developing Northern Australia (CRCNA) is seeking suitable companies or consortiums to perform an industry baseline and gap analysis of the northern beef industry.

The purpose of the analysis is to define the current state of the industry and determine where the northern beef industry specifically wants to go. It will help shape the strategy around allocation of CRCNA funding in the beef sector for northern Australia, ensuring efficient targeted impact, where it will make the most difference.

Jed Matz, CRCNA CEO said “We are proud of this initiative as it is the first time a strategy and gap analysis has been done for the northern beef industry specifically and includes all three states. There have been other red meat and beef strategies, but nothing specifically for the north, which has vastly different challenges and opportunities to the rest of Australia.”

The Expression of interest (EOI), being released today is part of a larger strategy for the CRCNA to develop resources for all major agriculture/food sectors and tropical health service delivery in northern Australia. Indigenous lead business in these two industries also forms a large part of the CRCNA’s strategy.

The EOI is calling for companies to look at the identification of key challenges and opportunities facing the Northern beef industry, explore potential solutions and/or identify the most strategic research projects for further investment. This will include but not be limited to infrastructure, policy, investment, environmental, production, knowledge, training and human capital gaps and the research or alternative solutions to address them.

Expressions of interest close 5pm AEST 20th May 2018.

More information is available on the Expressions of interest page or by contacting CRCNA CEO Jed Matz at