The Cooperative Research Centre for Developing Northern Australia (CRCNA) is seeking a suitably qualified organisation, individual or group of organisations to undertake a situational analysis study of the northern Australian broadacre cropping sector, including grains, oil and fodder products.

 The purpose of the study is to identify key challenges and opportunities facing the northern Australian broadacre cropping industry, explore potential solutions and identify the most strategic research projects for further investment.

CEO Jed Matz said the Expression of Interest (EOI) will guide a systematic and collaborative approach to prioritising, delivering, monitoring and evaluating research conducted by the CRCNA on the development of a broadacre cropping industry in northern Australia.

“This study will require extensive consultation and collaboration with all levels of the broadacre cropping sector including producers, industry organisations, researchers and government departments in Western Australia 260, Northern Territory and Queensland.”

The process and final report is intended to inform the CRCNA’s strategic research investments, assist with coordination of investment across the northern Australian broadacre cropping sector and improve strategic alignment across the research, policy and service delivery arms of the sector.

Mr Matz said the broadacre cropping situational analysis is one of eight industry situational analysis studies the CRCNA has committed to funding over the next 18-months including. Other sectors the CRCNA will examine will include beef, rice, horticulture, forestry, bush foods, aquaculture and health.

The outcomes of these studies are expected to inform and support future R & D and investment planning for the industries involved, the CRCNA and the Australian, Qld, WA and NT governments.

The EOI will close 5pm AEST Friday 1 February 2019.

Media enquiries

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