The Cooperative Research Centre for Developing Northern Australia’s (CRCNA) funding call is seeking new ideas and innovative approaches to unlock the vast economic potential of the Northern Australian Indigenous Estate.

CRCNA Chair Sheriden Morris said the priority areas addressed in the expressions of interest align with the Northern Australia Indigenous Development Accord, developed by the national Indigenous Reference Group in 2019.

“The Indigenous Estate makes up almost half of Australia’s land mass, yet the true economic potential of this Estate is yet to be fully realised.

“By aligning our research areas with those identified in the Accord, we hope to play a significant role in driving R & D which contributes to Closing the Gap in education, workforce, health and socio-economic outcomes for First Nations people while delivering cultural and environmental outputs which underpin the continuation of cultural practices,” she said.

To date, the CRCNA has contributed to projects in Indigenous aquaculture, botanicals, forestry, carbon and traditional bush foods. The organisation has also invested in projects which seek to better define areas of the Indigenous Estate suitable for commercial development through co-mapping on country activities.

“Activating, accelerating and optimising economic development on the Indigenous Estate is a transformative agenda.

“We estimate that a 5 per cent increase in Indigenous- owned agricultural land could lead to more than 1500 new jobs and increase national GDP by more than $200 million.

“With this call we are wanting to see big ideas and new ways of addressing old problems which clearly demonstrate an understanding of the opportunity and urgency to capitalise on this.

CRCNA CEO Anne Stünzner said the CRCNA will be looking for proposals which deliver on-the-ground, tangible results for Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

Submissions for the latest EOI round will close 5pm AEST Friday 22 July 2022.

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