Research by the CRCNA is helping to deepen Australia’s relationship with ASEAN by supporting the north’s agricultural sector to supply high-quality agri-food products.

Northern Australia and the ASEAN region are natural partners for cooperation given the strategic location in the Asia-Pacific. Northern Australia provides world-class agriculture, food, tropical health research, and is Australia’s gateway to the Asian economy.

Urbanisation and the rise of a consuming middle class across ASEAN, further fuels demand for higher quality agri-food products.

The north has established ASEAN markets in mango, avocado, macadamia, barramundi, tropical rock lobsters, beef and other horticulture and broadacre crop commodities.

CRCNA research is supporting agricultural producers to adapt and diversify to manage the impacts of climatic events, building resilience to meet market demands year-round, for future prosperity.

The north’s natural advantages and industry strengths across sectors, combined with First Nations knowledge and the latest research and development, is expanding investor opportunities in fields like agriculture, aquaculture, energy, eco-tourism and tropical medical research.

This week, the Hon Anthony Albanese MP, Prime Minister of Australia, is hosting a Special Summit to celebrate 50 years since Australia became ASEAN’s first Dialogue Partner.

Research by the CRCNA includes collaboration with the Australia-ASEAN Chamber of Commerce on agricultural opportunities and markets; Exporting perishables to Asia, maximising supply chains and technologies; Regional agribusiness supply chains; Water security to better manage shared water resources to deal with climate impacts and provide investor confidence in new agricultural products; Cotton, Grains, Cattle program to better integrate agricultural systems across the north’s cropping and cattle sectors.

Quotes attributed to Chair of the CRCNA, Ms Sheriden Morris 

“The increasingly urbanised ASEAN population has a growing appetite for the clean and green food for which Northern Australia is recognised, so it’s crucial we gain a better understanding of what exactly it is these consumers are looking for and how Northern Australian producers and businesses can capitalise on these opportunities.

“CRCNA investments into industry-led research and development are creating new technologies, products and services which address industry issues and support agricultural diversification and climate resilience”.

Refer CRCNA and ASEAN factsheet link: crcna_and_asean_factsheet.pdf



The CRCNA is delivering industry-led research and development collaborations to enable the sustainable economic growth of Northern Australia. CRCNA projects de-risk investment by developing new technologies, products and services which address industry issues across the North to strengthen economic markets in agriculture, aquaculture, health and First Nations led-business development.

The CRCNA is a key initiative of the Australian Government’s developing Northern Australia agenda and is investing $75 million of Commonwealth funds over 10 years from 2017 to 2027.

To date, the CRCNA has created over $154 million in research investments for 118 Northern Australian development projects and collaborated with more than 517 project partners.


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