Come July this year our Northern Territory and Queensland project managers will swap jobs, with Kristin Nunn (Qld) moving to the Territory and Sally Leigo (NT) heading to Townsville to join the team in the CRCNA head office.

The change has been prompted by Kristin’s family relocating to Darwin.

Kristin and Sally will spend the lead up to the swap travelling across the two jurisdictions meeting with Northern Territory and Queensland stakeholders and familiarising themselves with the local issues.

CRCNA CEO Jed Matz said he is happy the organisation has been able to retain two valued staff.

“I am glad we have been able to accommodate this change and provide Sally and Kristin with alternate skills and opportunities in Northern Australia, while still being able to provide each jurisdiction access to state-based project managers.”

WA Project Manager

In April, the CRCNA will welcome its new full-time Western Australian project manager. Catherine Marriott remains the WA project manager for now and can still be contacted at

The appointment of the new WA project manager and the changing roles for Kristin and Sally will provide the CRCNA with the opportunity to review the projects being overseen by each of the project managers, with the team working to mitigate any disruption to the research project teams.