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Northern Australian beef sector industry situational analysis study

Northern Australian beef sector industry situational analysis study
  • Reference # A.1.1718117
  • Timeframe 18 months
  • Project Status Current
  • Location Darwin, Broome, Brisbane, Canberra
  • Total project value $470,146.00
  • Project manager Carla Keith
  • Research Programs 1. Building potential in Northern Australia
  • Beef
  • Agriculture


This project will identify key challenges and opportunities facing the northern Australian beef sector by exploring potential solutions and identifying the most strategic research projects in order to develop priorities for further investment.

This research will include and not be limited to: infrastructure, policy, investment, environmental, production, knowledge, training and human capital gaps and the research or alternative solutions to address them.

The report will provide recommendations in all key areas identified to facilitate growth and development of the northern Australian Beef Industry.

Expected outcomes

  • A report which defines the potential of the northern beef industry in accordance with the various strategic plans, combined with thorough stakeholder engagement.
  • This report will produce an articulate summation of research requirements and an action plan for the industry and the CRCNA to inform and guide future investment.


23 November 2020

State of the North 2020

Type: Report

Industry: Aquaculture, Beef, Broadacre cropping, First Nations led business development, Forestry, Health service delivery, Horticulture, Rice, Strategic policy development, Supply chain development