Reframing smart supply chains in Northern Australia

Reframing smart supply chains in Northern Australia
  • Reference # A.7.1718101
  • Project Status Current
  • Timeframe 1 year
  • Project manager Carla Keith
  • CRCNA Funding $110,000.00
  • Total project value $155,000.00
  • Project research participant Charles Darwin University
  • Research Programs 7. Informing policy development
  • Location Mackay, Rockhampton, Cairns, Townsville, Mt Isa, Darwin, Broome, Dampier and Karratha.
  • Strategic policy development
  • Agriculture
  • Supply chain development


Supply chains are fundamental to the improvement of competitiveness, prosperity, productivity and sustainability of northern Australia.

This project aims for a renewed examination and re-framing of agricultural supply chains in northern Australia, with a view to develop alternative models of supply chain management which are efficient, effective, smart and agile. It will also identify key policy and budgetary directions to support effective supply chains across the region and identify potential partnerships for collaborative planning and implementation of supply chain initiatives and value add to supply chain thinking and analysis.

Expected outcomes

A comprehensive report which will provide an overview of supply chain issues in northern Australia and how to re-frame options for effective market access and economic development.

The report will:

  • Support and inform decision making in relation to future investments e.g. infrastructure, technology and investment attraction.
  • Support re-framing of supply chain implementation for domestic and export market growth and efficiency.
  • Inform the government about the renewed policy frameworks as well as budgetary initiatives to ensure effective supply chain management in northern Australia.
  • Build and develop capacity and capability for supply chain research and management across sectors (industry, government and researchers).
  • Determine future-focused research and further build the evidence base and supply chain thinking and analysis by researchers.
  • Outline recommendations for on-ground short-term and long-term action relevant for industry, government and others.


23 November 2020

State of the North 2020

Type: Report

Industry: Aquaculture, Beef, Broadacre cropping, First Nations led business development, Forestry, Health service delivery, Horticulture, Rice, Strategic policy development, Supply chain development

7 October 2020

Northern Australia agribusiness supply chains: a review of the literature

Type: Literature review

Industry: Strategic policy development, Supply chain development

21 September 2020

Reframing smart supply chains in Northern Australia

Type: Report

Industry: Supply chain development

20 May 2020

Discussion paper : Reframing smart supply chains in Northern Australia

Type: Discussion paper

Industry: Supply chain development