Current Projects

Research Program Project number Project name Project length End date
4 AT.4.1819006 Co-mapping on Country : Train the trainer for sustainable development 15 months
1 A.1.2021063 A situational analysis of the horticulture sector across Northern Australia 1 year
2 A.2.1819004 Potential for broadacre cropping in the NT 2 years 5 months
3 A.3.1819067 Strengthening Northern Australia’s horticultural sector through assessing protected cropping value chain linkages and pathways for adoption 3 years
2 A.2.1819045 Spicing up Northern Australia with high-value condiment crops 3 years
2 A.2.1819105 Developing a broadacre cropping sector in northern Queensland 3 years
3 A.3.2021118 Project B Green 9 months
2 A.2.1819106 De-risking broadacre cropping options in northern Queensland 3 years 2 months
1 A.1.2021029 Central Queensland regional agricultural supply chain baseline study 1 year
1 A.3.2021119 Mackay alternative sugarcane processing pilot project: equipment and product test sampling phase 1 year
7 A.7.2122001 Scaling Next Generation Water Markets in Northern Australia 1 year
3 A.3.2021051 Developing Asparagopsis seaweed cultivation at scale in Northern Australia 2 years
5 H.5.2021046 Economic assessment of disability models of care in remote communities 2 years
5 H.5.1920041 Developing a simple,robust telehealth system for remote communities 3 years
6 AHT.6.2021010 East Kimberley Indigenous Women – Self-Development and Self-Employment Enhancer Circle (SDSE Enhancer Circle) 18 months
3 A.3.1819007 Sustainable export supply chains for Calypso mango to China 4 years 9 months
7 A.7.2122007 Visionary land use planning to facilitate development precincts 1 year
3 A.3.2021002 Suitable sugarcane to diversify income and add value 3 years
2 A.2.1819053 Northern Australian Tropical Rock Oyster research and development 4 years
4 AT.4.2021001 Maximising northern tropical forestry-linking communities and cutting-edge technology 3 years
3 A.3.2021116 Pioneering Tropical Rock Lobster raft grow-out for Northern Australia 3 years
5 H.5.2021068 Integrating Health Care Planning for Health and Prosperity in North Queensland 3 years
1 A.1.2021074 Water Productivity, efficiency and sustainability in tropical horticulture 3 years
2 A.2.2021052 Demonstrating Next-Generation Resilient Orchard Production Systems for Tropical Crops 3 years
7 AHT.7.2021021 Leading CRCNA’s De-risking and supply chain investment and impact 3.5 years
5 H.5.2021062 Novel therapeutics for diabetes sourced from Northern Australian biota 3 years
1 A.1.2021013 Silvopastoral trials of commercial pine systems in North Queensland 3 years
5 HT.5.2122005 Towards trauma informed primary health care across the Kimberley Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services 3 years
3 A.3.2021044 Demonstrating the impact of prawn viruses on prawn aquaculture production 3 years
7 AHT.7.2021025 Supporting landholder capacity for quality agricultural development applications across Northern Australia 3 years
7 AHT.7.2021022 De Risking Phase II- NT Through Sustainable Development Precincts 3 years
1 A.1.2021057 Grain storage extension - Far North 3 years
1 A.1.2021091 Integrated management to ensure market access for Northern Australian grain 3 years
4 AT.4.2021030 Business on country – Demonstrating feasibility of developing high value products from low value herds on Indigenous land 3 years
2 A.2.2021083 Grain and Graze North: Dual purpose peanuts for Northern Australia 3 years