Current and potential High Value Perishable Agricultural Commodities (HVPACS) that have demand in Asian countries: A case study of central Queensland

This case study is based on a literature review on types and volumes of perishable agricultural commodities in Central Queensland which have high value in the Asian markets.

Secondary data were used to estimate the current activity in international trade of perishable commodities. In some instances, quantitative data have been presented in percentage format; whereas in other instances, data have been converted to graphical format for better readability and interpretation.

Some key priorities identified in this study include:

  • Securing natural resources of agriculture sectors, including water availability and access to the priority agricultural areas (PAA) as outlined in the CQ regional development plan (DSDIP, 2013).
  • Identifying potential market (both domestic and international) for the high value perishable agricultural commodities.
  • Acquiring market access to the targeted market.
  • Scale up the production gradually to meet the forecasted demand for high value perishable agricultural commodities in the targeted markets.
  • Development of horizontal and vertical collaboration in high value perishable agricultural commodities supply chain to increase efficiency.
  • Extend the collaboration with local and state government and with industry bodies to smooth out the market access process.  
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Akbar, D., Rahman, A., Rolfe, J., Kinnear, S., Bhattarai, S

Supply chain development
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Case study