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Final report – Stakeholder Collaboration Models for Exporting Perishable Agricultural Commodities in Asia

Final report – Stakeholder Collaboration Models for Exporting Perishable Agricultural Commodities in Asia
  • Horticulture
  • Strategic policy development
  • Supply chain development


This report presents an analysis of potential agricultural supply chain collaboration models appropriate for the avocado, lychee and mango industries in the Queensland horticultural sector. These models were prepared through a qualitative research approach, utilising direct engagement with the stakeholders as well as a stakeholder collaboration workshop.

The key finding arising from this research process was that there were four categories of issues relevant to stakeholder collaboration models in Queensland horticulture. The first category related to the production and includes land availability, water supply availability, capital investment, cost of production, quality produce, genetics, and green production system/regulation. The second category is related to logistics and processing. This category covers transport and technology needs, advanced agricultural technology, and value-added products. The third category is related to marketing the products, including market access to certain medium- and high-income consumers in Asia, brand and traceability, and market discovery. The fourth category is the mode of collaboration which includes horizontal and vertical collaboration.

The findings revealed that there is already some collaboration happening in the horticulture sector of Queensland. The study identified potential mechanisms for greater horizontal and vertical supply chain collaborations in exporting perishable commodities from Queensland. In addition, the study found that individual horticultural industry representative bodies (such as Growcom) or processors are important in facilitating horizontal collaboration among farmers. Furthermore, it appears that vertical collaboration within agricultural supply chains in Queensland could be best led by either a single entity or a combination of several leaders, most likely being either processors, a genetics company and/or lead investor.


Exporting perishable commodities to Asia: Developing a stakeholder collaboration model

Exporting perishable commodities to Asia: Developing a stakeholder collaboration model

Coordination through the supply chain between growers, processors, marketers and transporters is the main impediment to exporting perishable commodities to Asian markets. Developing strong ties with those Asian markets is critical for expansion and development of perishable commodities in Northern Australia. This project will examine stakeholder collaboration in planning and investment for exporting high value perishable agricultural commodities (HVPACs) from Northern Australia to Asian markets. This includes an exploration of multi-party collaborations in producing and processing perishable commodities, developing and enabling supply chain infrastructure as well as identifying policy and regulatory barriers to investment in this sector. The research approach will combine a literature review, two stakeholder workshops, a farmer survey in Queensland, a consumer choice survey in China and spatial-modelling for volumes of HVPACs in CQ region. The stakeholder workshops will examine the types and processes of collaboration suitable for HVPACs with regard to processing, investment and international trade mechanisms. In addition, technological innovation or adaptation, appropriate logistics and supply chain management will also be examined. Upon project completion, the stakeholder collaboration framework for better export market development will enable increased access to Central Queensland’s commodities. This framework will be applicable to all regions within Northern Australia. Conference papers (published) Australia New Zealand Regional Science Associations International (ANZRSAI ) 2019. Cairns, Queensland, Australia. Rahman, A., Akbar, D., Rolfe, J.(2019). Every community wants an airfreight facility: is this a viable regional agricultural supply chain development option for central Queensland in Australia?  Akbar, D., Rahman, A., Rolfe, J., Kinnear, S., Schrobback, P., Bhattarari, S. (2019). Working to grow together: horizontal collaboration for horticulture production in Queensland.

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