Northern Australia agribusiness supply chains: a review of the literature

This literature review is complementary to the CRCNA's Reframing Smart Supply Chains in Northern Australia project and research report.

To support a renewed examination and reframing of agricultural supply chains in Northern Australia, a combination of stakeholder analysis, interviews and data analysis were undertaken prior to a major roundtable with selected stakeholders taking place in 2020.

The current review overviews literature research and policy work undertaken within and around Northern Australia to inform the roundtable itself about latest developments relevant to supply chain thinking, and to elicit policy, budgetary and regulatory measures backing the development of alternative models of supply chain management which are more efficient, effective, smart and agile. This work will also recognise potential partnerships for collaborative planning and implementation of supply chain initiatives across the North.   The literature review was conducted in 2019-2020, using academic and grey literature.   Key search words used included supply chains, agile and smart supply chains, Northern Australia and economic development.

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Babacan, H., Tremblay, P., McHugh, J.

Strategic policy development
Supply chain development
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Literature review